How Can I Quit Smoking While Pregnant?

How can I quit smoking while pregnant?It’s very important for you to quit smoking, especially if you just found out you’re pregnant. However, just because you’re thinking for two now doesn’t make it any easier to quit. This is because nicotine is an addictive substance, and it doesn’t discriminate between those that are pregnant and those that aren’t. The good news is there’s been a lot of research into how to quit smoking, and there are several methods to choose from.

If you’ve been smoking for most of your adult life, it may seem like an impossible task to quit, and it can be even more stressful because you feel the guilt of lighting up even though you know you’re pregnant. Those guilty feelings can sometimes lead you to smoke more, not less, so it can be harder for a pregnant woman to quit than any other person on the planet.

Start now to stop quitting, and don’t stop trying to quit. That’s really all you can do, and for each cigarette you don’t have, you’re helping your unborn baby out immensely. Going cold turkey is the best way to go, and if you can’t imagine doing it, be sure to read books, listen to audiotapes, and replace this bad habit with good habits. Do whatever it takes to quit smoking.

How Can I Quit Smoking While Pregnant? Cold Turkey is Best

Cold turkey is really the only way to quit that is best for you and your baby. This doesn’t involve the use of any supplements or products to help you quit, you just pick a day, like today, and you stop. It has actually been proven to be more effective than taking pills, or wearing patches, and there are books and programs built around quitting cold turkey that make the case that it has the highest success rate of all the methods.

You don’t want to use gums or patches because they only get rid of some of the problem, namely the thousands of chemicals that are in each cigarette. But what they don’t get rid of is the nicotine that

The Importance of Quitting
Smoking has been shown to cause all sorts of problems to a developing fetus, and there is hard evidence of how it effects children, even into adulthood. The biggest problem is that it reduces the amount of oxygen you take in, and that means it reduces the amount of oxygen your baby gets. It can cause you to have your baby prematurely, and can lead to a lower than normal birth weight, and even a stillbirth. That’s why it’s so good that you are researching ways to quit smoking, because it’s vitally important to your well being as well as your baby’s chances of survival.

All Natural Methods
There are a lot of all natural products out there that can help you. These include homeopathic remedies that use only plants and herbs to subdue the nicotine cravings. Even though these methods are considered all natural, they’re still not the best way to go about this, because it involves using plants and extracts that aren’t found in these concentration levels naturally. This means that you are creating an environment that is not natural, which defeats the purpose of quitting smoking.

Patches and Other Methods
You might think to try nicotine patches, but that’s not really solving anything, because the nicotine will still pass to your baby, and that’s one of the worst parts of smoking that we’re trying to prevent here. They also have spotty efficacy, so there’s no guarantee they’ll keep you from smoking, so don’t even bother with them.

Going Back to Smoking
As a last resort, you can even tell yourself that as soon as you’re done breastfeeding you can start lighting up again. While this may sound like a bad way to think about it, often it is the permanence of quitting that people struggle with. If they think the goal is to never have another cigarette again, they can’t do it, or they don’t want to do it. If they know that they can have a cigarette again at a predetermined time, it’s easy for them to give up smoking temporarily.

Of course you shouldn’t smoke again once you have a new baby in the home, but you can always go outside and have a smoke when they’re taking a nap or when someone else is watching them. And who knows, by the time you quit smoking for that long you might not even feel the need to have one any more.

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