Can I Get a Pedicure While Pregnant?

Can I get a pedicure while pregnant?Is a pedicure on the approved list of things to do while pregnant?

Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, a luxury almost, since some couples cannot or have a hard time conceiving. The great thing about pregnancy is knowing there is a living being growing inside you.

When the baby starts fluttering around finally can also be a great thing about pregnancy. Although it may not hit the expectant father until he feels the baby for the first time, and for some it takes until the child is born.

There is also some aches, pains, and stress that go along with pregnancy. In the first trimester some women get the glow while others get the nauseated feeling, also known as morning sickness, and right when you may think it gets better in the second trimester you could be wrong. Now that the food is staying down the weight starts to get added and the pains start up.

The third and final stage of pregnancy is the worse of all the baby grows and stays in the ribs and kicks all night long. It hurts worse to walk, and get up out of bed, and not to mention it will take several minutes just to get out of bed.

A pregnant woman definitely deserves to be weighted on and pampered. Hormones will start to take over and make her seem like a different person who is angry or always sobbing. A god day of pampering will definitely make her feel a little better.

Can I Get a Pedicure While Pregnant? Answer: Yes

Getting a pedicure during pregnancy can be a great way to relieve stress and feet aches. The one thing to make sure the person knows what they are doing and knows what pressure points not to press on. There are certain pressure points that could start up contractions and could cause preterm labor.

If you cannot go to a professional you could soak your feet in warm water and relax. If you have other children send them with a relative or husband and relax.

Pain Relief
Often times a pregnant woman will get leg cramps from the added weight and other pregnancy issues. But, when you get a pedicure the professional does not just work on the toes and feet but the leg up to the knee as well.

This will help relieve pain and pressure you may be feeling, and can help get the blood circulating better while relaxing you as well. Many pregnant woman who start to feel unattractive say this helped them feel more attractive in every stage of pregnancy not just the last.

Some Warnings
Getting a massage in the legs during pregnancy can dislodge some dangerous blood clots. So unless the person performing the pedicure knows how to care for a pregnant woman properly it may be best to just stick with the feet until six months after the birth of your child.

Another concern some have is the fumes in the building. It has not been proven that the fumes have any impact on the fetus but it may have some affect on the expectant mother. Making her feel dizzy, nauseated, or it can cause headaches. Choose a place that is well ventilated or ear a face mask.

Things To Keep In Mind
Infections are easily spread, especially when the immune system is not as strong, it is important to know who you are going to and to also know that the salon sterilizes their equipment after every use. If you are unsure and want to be safe you may bring your own equipment. Also be sure that the salon sterilizes the tubs as well.
Infections such as staph can often be caught when equipment does not get the proper cleaning after someone has gone before you. Just because one does not see the infection does not mean it is not there.

Pedicures and Pregnancy
Woman who are pregnant can most definitely get a pedicure and it is perfectly safe. It is also a great way for her to get pampered for a few minutes without worrying about anything. Its a way she can breath and get all the pain and pressure removed. Now is great time to have “me” time before the baby is born.

Just keep in mind there are a few concerns that one should keep in mind.

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