Can I Mow the Lawn While Pregnant?

Can I mow the lawn while pregnant?The dos and don’ts during pregnancy can really get quite confusing, and some women wonder if they can mow the lawn if they’re pregnant.

While it is generally advised that pregnant women maintain regular activities during this time, there are still certain restrictions involved when the body is in this sensitive state.

It can be said that the right approach depends on a woman’s particular situation, as there are those who are going though normal pregnancy and those who are at high risk. The ultimate goal is to reach the third trimester with a well-developed baby, so that a healthy child can be delivered when it’s due.

So what activities are considered normal and acceptable during pregnancy? Exercises have certain limitations, but are your other activities and routines going to be affected too? If you routinely mow the lawn, is it still safe to do so even if you’re pregnant?

Can I Mow the Lawn While Pregnant? Answer: No.

Although there are few reported cases of accidents and mishaps that can affect a pregnant mother for mowing the lawn, the answer is no. That is, if you want to be 100% sure that your baby is safe and secure inside your womb. The vibration from using a lawn mower to mow the lawn can present some risks that can induce miscarriage and labor, and you would want to avoid this at all costs.

Although the first and second trimester can be considered quite safe for this type of errand, the third trimester can really be dangerous especially for women with a high risk pregnancy.

The Risks Involved
As previously mentioned, mowing the lawn has few reported cases of injury and pregnancy problems. That’s why a lot of pregnant women are still performing this chore, especially if the pregnancy is normal and if there’s a clearance from the doctors. In general, it has been found that mowing poses little danger up to 8 months into pregnancy. But still continuing with the activity on the ninth month is no longer recommended.

Mowing Rules for Pregnant Women
Should you decide to maintain your routine and still mow the lawn, you should make sure that you only mow areas that are flat. By going through bumpy paths in your backyard, you can expose your baby to an overly bouncy environment that’s full of vibration, which can be quite traumatic for a developing child.

You shouldn’t overexert yourself too, and know your limits in doing this chore. Note that your body is not in its usual state, so exposing it to extreme factors can prove to be very dangerous. Hot weather is not good for pregnant women too, as you are prone to dehydration at this point, with you and your baby consuming your body fluids. So it is also advised that mowing routines are done early morning or late in the afternoon. And don’t forget your water bottle too!

When to Stop Mowing
Listen to your body and you will know if you have already overexerted yourself with the task. If you are already experiencing some sort of pain, this can be an early sign that your body can’t handle the work. When you start having cramps, you should stop the activity all at once. And if there’s bleeding involved, you should give up the chore completely.

Some Misconceptions
A lot of people are comparing the task of mowing to exercising and walking. But it’s just not the same. When you mow the lawn, you are either riding on a lawn mower or pushing a manual device. This is not a typical form of exercise, as both methods expose you and the baby to bumps and extreme vibrations. The activity might make you feel good, but this doesn’t necessarily hold true for the baby inside your womb. Aside from the vibration, the monotonous sound from a lawn mower can affect your baby’s developing ears too.

Ask Your Doctor About It
Everyone is different, and one thing that’s considered safe for one pregnant woman can be considered dangerous for another. You can ask your doctor for clearance in doing this type of activity in order to make sure that you are fit for the task. Mowing the lawn could be something that you really like doing, but it is always better to consider your baby’s safety first.

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