Can I Eat a Hot Dog While Pregnant?

Can I eat a hot dog while pregnant?Nothing beats a grilled hot dog at a summertime picnic topped just the way you like it. It’s pretty much common knowledge that hot dogs aren’t the greatest thing in the world for you, but they taste so yummy that you just have to ignore that quiet voice inside you for a few minutes.

It’s good that you stopped to consider your baby before popping a hot dog into your mouth. This separates you from at least 50% of the mothers to be out there that would just scarfing down without a second thought. However, if you are looking for a site to give you the go ahead on eating that scrumptious meat morsel wrapped in a bun, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

We’re going have to give the thumbs down on eating hot dogs while pregnant. As much as we’d like to greenlight them, there’s just nothing about them that makes them okay. They contain some protein, but this is overshadowed by all of the negative things they carry with them. Perhaps if they had more redeemable qualities we be able to say just this once, but unfortunately no.

Can I Eat a Hot Dog While Pregnant? You Really Shouldn’t.

In the world of things you should eat while you’re pregnant, there’s only two columns really. Column A is full of all the good foods that will nourish your body, and pass benefits on to your baby. Column B is loaded with foods that either don’t help you or your child at all, or even have a detrimental effect on either one of you. Hot dogs definitely fall into Column B. There’s not really much of a gray area, and therefore not really much room for debate. Avoid hot dog lawyer pregnant, and indulge in them once you stop breast-feeding.

Nitrate Concerns
Unless you specifically seek out nitrate free hot dogs, most brands will include nitrates in them and this should be a big concern why you’re pregnant. Don’t want to be ingesting foods that contain a lot of nitrates, as this could affect your growing baby inside of you. Nitrates can cause cancer in adults, and most things that are bad for adults are doubly bad for babies. You don’t want your child to start life with anything less than perfect health, so don’t introduce substances that are needed into their clean slate of a body.

Sodium Concerns
In order to make hot dogs that the curate the meat which involves injecting it with a lot of salt. Then result is hot dogs contain a lot of sodium in them, and you don’t want your sodium levels to be off the charts while you’re pregnant. Even though your sodium needs are elevated wire pregnant, do not give you license eat things like hot dogs still contain far too much sodium in them. Find better sources of salts, like all-natural sea salt instead of the low-grade salt used in hot dog manufacturing.

Quality Concerns
everyone is familiar with the fact that hot dogs are not made from the best cuts of meat like steaks or Angus beef. There are some varieties of hot dogs actually do use Angus beef in them, or he to go with kosher hot dogs that specifically must be made without pork products. Hebrew National is consistently rated one of the best tasting hot dogs and they use premium ingredients. They cost more than your ordinary hot dog, but paying more for better tasting, higher-quality products is something you should do all your pregnant.

Best for Baby
Being pregnant is the time when you have to put your baby first, even before yourself. While you might get a strong craving to have a hot dog with all the toppings on it, there will be a time when you’re not pregnant and not breast-feeding when you can indulge in a sort of things. A hot dog is not going to give you the sort of nutrition that you or your baby needs to grow and develop.

This can be especially hard thing to overcome, especially if you’re pregnant during the summer months when everyone’s outdoors growing and wanting you to join in. Just make sure they toss on some veggies so you can have some delicious grilled foods along with everyone else.

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