Can I Eat Spicy Food While Pregnant?

Can I eat spicy food while pregnant?Expecting mothers often experience a surge of anxiety over what can and cannot be done while pregnant with one of the biggest questions being related to diet and eating spicy food. Because your unborn child solely depends on what you scarf down for nutrition, many pregnant women have developed their own theories about how certain dishes can negatively affect their baby and bring about mild complications.

Carrying a child can be physically draining, but it doesn’t necessarily have to turn your world upside down. Being pregnant means taking those extra precautionary measures to ensure you and your baby are healthy. Your diet plays such a significant role when you’re eating for one and its importance increases when you begin to eat for two. Studies have shown that whatever you eat while pregnant greatly influences a portion of your child’s eating habits as they get older. To elaborate, anything you eat while your baby is still in the womb makes for a great possibility that they will enjoy those same dishes once they’re born.

However the question is, are any of these dishes — spicy foods to be exact — harmful to pregnant women and their unborn child? Pregnancy can be a frightful event especially if it’s your first time, so worrying about things like this is completely understandable. The amount of stress that builds up can be so incredibly heavy that changing your daily routine , including your diet, can add to the tension. To ease your mind about this particular concern, we’ve uncovered the absolute truth about eating spicy food while pregnant.

Can I Eat Spicy Food While Pregnant? Answer: Yes.

You can forget the stories about how spicy food can stain the skin of your baby or induce labor and throw them out the window because believe it or not, doctors have determined that spicy food is actually safe to eat while carrying a child. Dishes that are heavily spiced in reality effect the mother more than they do the baby.

If I Do Decide To Eat Spicy Foods, What Should I Look Out For?
If you need to satisfy your heated cravings, consume milder spiced dishes rather than hot and fiery ones. Spicy food can cause mild to severe heartburn in some, so the spicier the dish, the more aggressive the heartburn. You’ll already be encountering cases of acid reflux, so you don’t want to make the situation even worse. You may also experience other symptoms such as bloating and nausea from smelling certain spices. It’s basically no different if you’re pregnant. If you love your chili and peppers, eat as much as you usually do while pregnant, but expect to feel a little uncomfortable after licking your plate clean. If it’s not something you can handle, give up your favorite spicy food until your child is born.

Will the Spices Taint My Breast Milk?
A small portion of what you consume does go into your breast milk and can leave a subtle taste and even a faint scent, but because only a tiny fraction finds its way to your milk supply, it shouldn’t be a reason for alarm. Research has shown that babies apparently enjoy the different flavors that can be excreted from breast milk and that their palettes are more likely to be somewhat accustomed to a variety of flavors than those who were less exposed to other tastes and aromas as a baby.

How Much Should I Be Eating While Pregnant?
Women feel like they have a valid excuse to devour whatever it is their taste buds desire when pregnant, but that’s not entirely true. Although pregnant women are required to eat more, that doesn’t mean you can consume a whole pizza when you normally eat only one or two slices.

No changes in your eating habit have to be made during the first 3 months of pregnancy however in the next 3 months you may have to add an extra 300 calories. And for the last 3 months, your calorie intake may need an additional 450 calories. It might seem like a lot, but two slices of bread with a little jam on top can be all you need to add those extra calories.

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