Can I Drink Dr Pepper While Pregnant?

Can I drink Dr Pepper while pregnant?If you’ve been craving a Dr Pepper you have probably stopped yourself short of having it because you know it’s probably not good for the baby. And you’d be right, so it’s good that you’re checking on it.

There are several areas of concern when it comes to Dr Pepper, but mostly it’s due to the amount of caffeine in it. It has more caffeine per can than cola, not as much as Mountain Dew, and about half as much as the most popular energy drink. It’s still far less than a cup of coffee, but during this time you should be taking a no caffeine stance, for the good of your baby.

There are only two types of foods and drinks when you’re pregnant: those that help your baby and your pregnancy, and those that don’t. Keep putting good things into your body during this time, and you’ll have a much smoother process all around.

Can I Drink Dr Pepper While Pregnant? Answer: Not Recommended

You should really be drinking water only while you’re pregnant, as any other beverage contains things that you shouldn’t be consuming. Your doctor may authorize other drinks on a case by case basis, but in general you should try to simply drink water, and be as healthy as you possibly can with your eating while you’re pregnant. Dr Pepper may be one of your favorites, but it’s something that you should forego until you’re done breastfeeding. It’s tough, but you’ve got to put your baby’s needs first, and they definitely don’t need what’s in Dr Pepper.

Caffeine Concerns
Even though it was first marketed as a new cola with 23 different flavors in it, Dr Pepper now contains more caffeine than a Pepsi or a Coke. Caffeine is a stimulant, it will raise your heart rate, and therefore have an effect on your baby as well. You should avoid drinking caffeinated drinks, unless your doctor has told you that certain herbal teas are OK. If you are having a high risk pregnancy, you’ve surely been told to avoid anything that could change the physiology of your body.

How About Diet Dr Pepper?
It seems like Diet Dr Pepper gets promoted more on the radio and TV than ordinary Dr Pepper, so you might be considering having this instead of the normal brand to cut down on your caloric intake and not gain so much weight during pregnancy. But diet sodas are actually even worse for you, especially when you’re pregnant. They contain artificial sweeteners that are basically man made chemicals that are not good for your body, and not good for baby. It also contains the same amount of caffeine, so you’re not avoiding that by drinking the diet version.

High Fructose Corn Syrup
High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) has gotten a lot of negative press because it is found in so many mass produced food and drink items. The problem is that your body does not recognize it the same way it recognizes pure cane sugar. There’s no off switch for HFCS which is why you can drink so much soda pop and still want more. if it used real sugar you would feel satisfied with a smaller amount, and you’d reach a point where you just don’t want any more of it.

Blood Sugar Levels While Pregnant
You want to keep your blood sugar levels pretty constant while you’re pregnant, and drinking a soft drink like this that contains so much sugar immediately puts your levels in an abnormal state. That’s why you get a high from drinking a drink like this, and eventually get a sugar crash later. You don’t want highs and lows while you’re pregnant because this creates an unstable situation for your developing baby, and could lead to eating disorders later in their life.

Ask Your Doctor
If you’re bent on having a soft drink, ask your doctor which ones would be the least harmful for you and your specific situation. Nine months is a long time to go without having your favorite soft drink, so perhaps they can give you the green light and a little bit will be OK, just to satisfy your craving.

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