Can I Apply for Disability While Pregnant?

Can I apply for disability while pregnant?Because you can’t perform to your normal abilities while pregnant, it may occur to you to apply for disability.

Planning for your new baby can be an exciting time but it can also be a stressful time. Especially when it comes time to decorate the nursery, interview potential pediatricians, and come up with a plan for work.

Getting ready to become a full-time parent and preparing emotionally for a baby is already tough on most parents. But, the added pressure is on the mom. She has to take care of her body by eating and drinking appropriately and watching her weight to make sure she gains enough – which is hard to do for some women.

When it comes time to taking a leave from work it can also be stressful since you do not want to take your leave too early. You will want to spend as much time with the baby as possible. But of course it is not always easy and not everyone knows when they will give birth to their bundle of joy. The average pregnancy is around 40 weeks but it could also be anywhere from 38-40 weeks. So when does a mother schedule her leave?

Can I Apply For Disability While Pregnant? Answer: Varies by State

While pregnant, a woman can apply for disability. Whether or not you get it will depend on a few things like the state of residence, your income, your plan, the company policy, and it may also depend on how long you have worked for the company.

To find out the correct answer to this question it may be best to contact your human resource department or insurance carrier. Only then will you find out all the necessary information and how to apply.

What Is Pregnancy Disability?
Pregnancy Disability leave, also know as PDL, will occur when an employee takes a leave of absence for a pregnancy, childbirth, or any related medical condition or concern. Pregnancy Disability Leave is good for any time period within four months. With PDL an employee can return to her job with the same or similar position as when that employee left. You can apply for disability, but there is no guarantee you will get it.

The policy for Pregnancy Disability Leave may depend on your location and a few other factors as well so be sure to speak to someone about it. Do not assume you will it get it, because you might not be eligible. It will depend on your state, job, etc.

What Is Maternity Leave?
Maternity leave is when a new mother takes time off from work for the birth or adoption of a child. There are some companies that will provide paid maternity leave but it is rare in the United States. Most companies do offer 6 weeks for a woman to be at home for the last few weeks and/or the birth of the child. Some woman also stay at work longer so they can enjoy their baby longer before going back to work. In some cases a woman can use up any short-term disability, sick leave, personal days, and time away from work.

For fathers there is a paternity leave which is basically the same as maternity leave.

Your Benefits
As stated previously, it will depend on where you live as to what types of benefits you will receive. In some cases with a doctor’s note you can stay home and not worry about losing your job. This is in cases where morning sickness is severe, or hospital or home bed rest is needed for the health of mother and the unborn child. Everything will depend on your state and the company you work for but there should not be too much difference. If you cannot talk to someone right away you can speak to your doctor and friends about the benefits that should be provided when you apply for disability. This will give you an understanding of what to expect.

Disability and a Healthy Pregnancy
The sooner you find out about the benefits of disability or maternity leave the more stress you can save yourself later on. It is best to have a plan before you reach your final stage of pregnancy and be sure to have everything set in stone. Of course, you never know what is going to happen. There could be pre-term labor or some other health issues to think about later on.

If everything is already planned and something is to happen. at least you know what your state and job provide, and what you can expect. Be sure to ask lots of questions, you may regret not asking later.

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