Can I Take Advil While Pregnant?

Can I take Advil while pregnant?When you have a headache or other body aches and pains you might find yourself reaching for the Advil. But is it okay to take it when you’re pregnant? What kind of effects will it have on your baby, and is it worth the risk?

Advil is simply a brand name for ibuprofen, and these are not recommended for use by pregnant women. Perhaps you’ve found that they were very effective for your headaches when you weren’t pregnant, but it’s advised to find a suitable alternative to taking Advil until you have given birth and are done breastfeeding.

This is a big issue as it’s rather common for women to experience various levels of pain during pregnancy. Since there are very few avenues that women have for dulling the pain, it makes it a sensitive subject.

Can I Take Advil While Pregnant? Answer: Not Recommended

Even though you may be in pain, it’s best to treat the cause of hte pain and not just muffle the symptoms. Use the pain messages that your body is sending you to figure out what the problem is. Perhaps you’re working too hard, or you’re not eating the right foods at the right times. It could be that you’re not getting enough sleep, or that you’re sitting in artificial light for too long.

There are any number of reasons why you’re having a headache or other aches and pains. Taking an Advil and carrying on with your life like nothing is wrong is not the best way to handle it, and can lead to further complications. If you don’t fix the real problem, your body will keep upping the ante and you’ll either end up having to take more Advil or end up in the hospital with a more serious condition.

Pain and Pregnancy
It’s quite natural to feel discomfort when you’re pregnant. There’s a lot going on inside of you that you’re body is adjusting to, and sometimes it will send a pain signal, even during a perfectly normal occurance. So you don’t want to be taking doses of Advil every time you feel a little pain. When things get unbearable you’ll be even more tempted to get back to normal, and it’s at these times that you’re more likely to take something for the pain.

If you are in a dire state and close to having a migraine, your safest option is to take a Tylenol. You can even take it in its extra strength dosage. This is the only pain reliever that is on the okay list and approved throughout your pregnancy. Be sure to avoid getting into the habit of taking drugs for pain while you’re pregnant, and even when you’re not. It’s important to listen to what your body is trying to tell you instead of trying to shut it up.

The Best Medicine
The best thing you can do for yourself while you’re pregnant to avoid feeling pain is to pamper yourself as much as possible. Eat wholesome and delicious foods, listen to soothing music, take relaxing walks, take a bath, get a massage, get a foot rub, anything and everything you can think of to feel good.

What many women do is try to keep up their old lifestyle and all of the stress that comes with it. This can lead to complications in the pregnancy and it is recommended that you take it easy during this time. You have to consider the safety of your child, and you want things to go as well as they can and give them the best start possible.

You don’t have to be Wonder Woman at this time, and you shouldn’t strive for much more than an healthy term and labor.

Consult Your Doctor
If you find that after getting the right amount of sleep, eating the proper foods, and getting light exercise every day that you’re still having chronic pain, or intense pain to the point of wanting to take an Advil, you should talk to your doctor to see what the problem is, and get advice on how to cope with the pain. Temporary pain here and there is no big deal, but if you are having a recurring problem you need to get it sorted out.

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