Can I Eat Activia Yogurt While Pregnant?

Can I eat Activia Yogurt while pregnant?Having a healthy lifestyle is all part of pregnancy, but how does Activia fit it in? If you want a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby, eating nutritious foods is a must. Foods that have high nutritional value will not only benefit the mother, but also the baby in utero.

High sources of calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals are recommended for the expecting mother and growing baby. Yogurt is said to have these essential nutrients, plus a strain of good bacteria that aid in digestion as well. Activia is one of the most popular commercially-produced yogurts on the market that claim to offer numerous health benefits to its female consumers. Does it also offer the same benefits to pregnant women?

Activia is a brand of yogurt owned and manufactured by Dannon, which contains live bacteria cultures such as Bifidus Regularis. Activia is claimed to be a beneficial and functional health product that “helps to naturally regulate your slow intestinal transit” due to the probiotics contained in it. Some of its claims have been questioned due to illegitimate scientific studies they have shown on their website that have somehow exaggerated the benefits you can get from their product. However, the fact still remains that Activia contains probiotics and other important nutrients and minerals that any person, such as a pregnant woman, can benefit from.

Yogurt is considered a top health food by many because of its nutritional benefits. The live bacteria cultures found in yogurt help eliminate bad bacteria such as parasites and other infections, which pregnant women are more prone to. It is also a very good source of protein, calcium, and fiber, which are all important in a pregnant woman’s diet. Activia will always be a brand of yogurt, no matter what allegations they may face regarding exaggerated advertising.

Can I Eat Activia Yogurt While Pregnant? Answer: Yes.

Good bacteria found in yogurt such as Activia help the bacteria in your intestines do their job in promoting healthy digestion, metabolism, and immunity. They prevent harmful bacteria from affecting your digestive tract, preventing stomach problems such as diarrhea and other bowel irritability issues. They also keep infections away such as yeast infections, preventing pregnancy complications such as pre-term labor and miscarriage. Its high protein, calcium, and fiber content will also contribute much to the higher nutritional demands of a pregnant woman’s body. Just make sure to eat it in moderation because Activia also contains sugar, which may affect you and your baby if consumed excessively.

Other Reasons Why Yogurt is Good for You
Because of the friendly bacteria contained in yogurt, it promotes a healthy colon by eliminating cancer-causing cells. It also develops the bioavailability of other nutrients, making it easier for your body to absorb important vitamins. It boosts immunity, causing your body to fight infections by stimulating white blood cells.

Yogurt is also recommended to those who have experienced diarrhea, being able to replenish lost nutrients. It also does the same thing for those taking and who have just taken antibiotics, ensuring that important nutrients are replaced. Some studies have also shown yogurt to lower blood cholesterol. Yogurt is recommended to those who are lactose-intolerant because it is easier to digest than milk.

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy
Nutritional demands are higher during pregnancy. Protein-rich foods such as chicken, meat, fish, eggs, and tofu help in developing the placenta and baby’s tissues. Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach for your extra iron needs. Calcium found in milk, cheese, and yogurt will help you retain the calcium in your body for your baby’s growing bones.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of fluids, especially water. Avoid caffeine-containing foods and beverages like sodas and coffee. Always remember that whatever you consume is also passed on to your baby through the placenta, so make sure everything you take in has nutritional value.

Some Issues with Activia
Although Dannon emphasizes Activia yogurt to be a healthy product because of the nutrients and probiotics contained in it, it has been going through a series of controversy regarding some of their claims. The scientific studies that they are using to back up their claims are said to be illegitimate because only the company conducted those studies with no third-party sources. Medical researchers are suggesting that more studies need to be done to prove that the probiotics found in Activia really support good digestive health, as Dannon claims it.

A number of its consumers have also testified against the product, saying it caused them stomach irritability. Nonetheless, Activia is still yogurt, and has the nutritional benefits of yogurt.

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