Can I crack my back while pregnant?You’ve just found out that you’re pregnant and the rush of excitement is often soon followed by a period of panic. What can you do, what should you do and most importantly what is dangerous for your baby while you’re pregnant. It can feel like the recommendations are always changing, and its hard to stay on top of what you can and can’t do. I’ve created a list of commonly asked questions about what you should avoid as well as the fun and magical things you can enjoy with your bump on board.

 If you’re feeling overwhelmed, completely normal for expectant mammas, then finding out if you can take a hot bath to ease that back pain might be the last thing you want to do. I have cataloged the most common, and not so common, things you want the answers to at the click of a mouse.

Don’t trawl through the internet endlessly for answers, you have much better ways to spend your time with your family, work and life commitments.  To start you off, I have links to the categories or if you have a specific question type in your keyword and search.

So, whether you’re already a Mom who has a few things to check or you’re a first time Mom who is a little nervous I want you to find your answers quickly and easily. If your answer isn’t here, let me know! It’s likely other pregnant Moms out there are also looking for the answer and I am happy to investigate for you. I love hearing your comments on pregnancy and birth, Good luck with your journey, Em xo


Is it safe to carry my toddler when I’m pregnant?

can I carry my toddler while pregnant?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but other people, specifically the little people in your life may not agree and leave you asking is it safe to carry my toddler around? Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that your existing toddlers and  children are going to understand that you may not be able to pick them […]

Can I Bleach My Body Hair While Pregnant?

can I bleach body hair while pregnant

Many of us bleach body hair while we’re pregnant, it’s a time when we want to look and feel our best. Often when a woman is pregnant she is dealing with aches, pains, swollen feet, skin outbreaks and weight gain. Dark body hair is something many women easily get rid of by bleaching, whether they […]

Can I Sleep With An Electric Blanket While Pregnant?

can I use an electric blanket while pregnant

When the temperature starts to drop outside an electric blanket seems like the perfect solution. A warm bed is a joy that many pregnant women are worried will harm their growing baby. Raising your core body temperature too high can potentially cause abnormalities in your developing fetus and there are also concerns about electromagnetic fields […]

Can I Fertilize My Garden While Pregnant?

Can I fertilize may garden while pregnant?

Many women enjoy gardening, and particularly when you are first pregnant it is a therapeutic form of light exercise, but can you fertilize while you’re pregnant? It is difficult to know what will harm your baby when you are carrying your little one. Can I Fertilize May Garden While Pregnant? Personal Choice There is not […]

Can I Take Echinacea While Pregnant?

can I take echinacea while pregnant?

Echinacea is a herbal tonic which comes in a liquid and pill form. It is traditionally used to ward off colds ad flu and upper respiratory tract infection.  There is not a great deal of knowledge about the interractions of herbal supplements and tonics and pregnancy; there have been limited scientific studies completed to date. […]

Can I Be Around A Child With The Chicken Pox When Pregnant?

chicken pox while pregnant

Chicken pox is that common childhood illness that causes red itchy spots all over your body. Highly contagious, most people will end up with a case of chicken pox before they reach adulthood, sometimes even after you have been vaccinated. Can I Be Around A Child With Chicken Pox While Pregnant? Best To Avoid Contact […]

Can I take a Dance Class When Pregnant?

can I participate in a strenuous dance class when pregnant?

As a general rule of thumb you can generally keep doing any exercise, including a dance class, you have been previously doing when you fall pregnant, as long as your body feels OK and your doctor doesn’t advise against it. Can I Take A Dance Class When Pregnant? Yes, as long as your body feels […]

Is it Safe To Eat Deli Meats When Pregnant

deli meats while pregnat

Feel like a turkey on rye and want to check its safe to eat deli meats while you’re pregnant? Unfortunately unless the deli meat is steaming hot it’s not safe because pregnant women are more likely to get listeriosis than other healthy adults. It’s infants and newborns who suffer from this, not so much the […]

Can I Induce Labor?

can I induce labor

Myths About Getting Labor Started As your due date edges closer and the excitement of holding your little one in your arms grows, you may be tempted to see if you can induce labor with these time honored old wives tales. The final days of pregnancy can be uncomfortable; there is a lot of baby […]

Can I Eat Blackened Foods While Pregnant?

can I eat blackened food while pregnant?

Blackened food is a cooking technique which involves coating food with a blend of spices and then cooking at searing heat to bring out the flavor. By cooking the food at high heat, the outside forms a delicious crust and the zesty flavors are all brought out in the cooking process. Can I Eat Blackened […]

10 Great Things About Pregnancy

10 Great Things About Pregnancy You found out that you’re pregnant; you’re glowing with health and vitality and looking forward to the next nine months. Then the morning sickness kicks in, along with fatigue, constipation and twinges of pain as your ligaments start to relax in preparation for the birth of your little one. You […]